Thursday, 5 February 2015

Birds singing as the sun comes up, wolves singing as the sun goes down.

Sat 31 January Goteborg........
Birds singing as the sun comes up, wolves singing as the sun goes down.
These days I manage to catch both sunrise and sunset. Sleep is merely a few hours caught, usually when its dark, sometimes when its bright. No routine discernible.
Boston band The Brigands sent me a package with a few CDs. Their own album as well as Greg Allen and another one...can't recall who it is, but I'll be playing tracks on the radio show.
A fact finding night out in town involved drinks at Vasterhuis where we learnt that they have problems with the neighbours so a gig is out of the question for us. Other bands use an electronic kit but thats not for us. In Hammok bar an interesting trio are playing all sorts of obscure Van Morrison songs and psyched out soul. Good sax player.  Last time I was here I nodded off. The owner woke me up and typically said "you can't sleep here" to which I replied, "I've slept in a lot better places".
Hopped on a tram and checked out a huge dodgy sports bar. Andy told the owner we had just flown back from Paris where we'd played to 2,000 people but we don't have a following in Sweden so we're willing to play anyplace. He gave us his business card and we can play anytime we want and take 100% of the ticke sales. I decided there and then that I needed a business card too. As it turned out, the booker for the Atomc Rooster Club wants us to the very same bar, but this means we don't have to do it all ourselves.

Sitting in the Pomodoro Pizzeria on Welandergatan, staing at the label on a bottle of Mariastad and pondering the wonderful packing on some classocal CD's I had seen in town and should this be the way to go for some future release, a young spotty lad walks up to me (he' was in his early 20s) and gestured to his face saying he liked my sideburns. Weird kid. Obviously doesn't get out much or can't handle his booze, or both. The lady who lives locally and always walks behind the bar to turn down the stereo said 'hello'..

My business cards arrived in the post. They say " musician, recording artist, DJ and rock 'n' roll survivalist". You gotta tell the truth. Took the ferry from Rosenlund to Lindholmen to collect posters from the printers. Slipped on the icy snow on the boardwalk. Landed on my back and I bounced. Could have been worse, could have landed into the water.

After ten years loyal service my Roland / Boss 8 track recorder has died. It took with it the 4 or 5 new songs I was working on, plus the files (individual tracks, required for re mixing) to about 50 or 60 other songs. I HAD gotten most of the stuff mixed to satisfaction. Maybe, just maybe we can extract the files. Either way, I need to get some sort of new recording set - up.
New rehearsal space in Majorna has resulted in much good work being done and although progress is slow, its steady. The bar near the Majvallen tram stop has affordable refreshments and a good window to stare out of as the trams roll by and the snow comes down in a steady fashion.

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