Friday, 8 February 2013

September to December

Thurs 20 Sept Clonegal -  The September sun hovered without heat above me as I walked the 4 miles to Clonegal having disemberked the bus at Kildavin. There’s no taxi’s out here. But it wasn’t the first time I walked several miles to get to Huntington Castle to meet Lady Olivia Robertson. At 92 shes a fascinating character who had know A.E. and WB Yeats and a lot of the Golden Dawn crew. She showed me around the castle and we visited the subterannean Temple Of Isis where I recorded her tales of magick, visions, artistic endeavour and her general philosophy. I intend to record some music and use her voice in the piece. Had dinner in Bunclody and then took a bus to Dublin.

Sat 22 Sept Feakle, Co. Clare – Hours spent with Les and Jessica in the jam jar on the way to the west. Passed through Roscrea, Cloughjordan and Killaloe on the banks of the Shannon. Between 1002 and 1014 Killaloe was essentially the capital of ireland as High King Brian Boru lived there. Onwards to Feakle, once home of another type of royalty - Biddy Early. The event of the day was Al and Mercedes Handfasting Ceremony. Witches, druids, sorcerers, pagans and whatever your having yourself were assembled for a great celebration.

Wed 26 September Göteborg - A Clarence Carter EP of peviously unreleased material arrived in the post. This wonderful occasion prompted a ramble through youtube where I found some footage of the 65 year old Mr C.C alive and well and still gigging. Put on a record by the Ethiopian soul star Mahmoud Ahmed and then one by Billie Holiday - “I’ve got a right to sing the blues.” Not a bad start to a day.

Thurs 27 September Göteborg - Took John Fitz to the upstairs bar at Haga Bio where we stationed ourselves beside the monumental projector. He soon struck up a conversation with two guys and proceeded to educate these willing listeners on the history of their own land. Across the bar a girl in a zebra print jacket ordered a drink. She looked like a young Geraldine Chaplin. The waitresses were all business. Johns history of northern Sweden continued as dinners were delivered to tables and drinks were poured at the circular bar.

Saturday 6 October, Alingsås – A good night in a strange town. And Nono gave me a lift home and I didn’t even nod off once on the drive back .

Sat 13 September, Göteborg – Played at Teater Trixter, Mark Griffin hanging out, a grey and bitter cold evening. Enjoyed the set but was tired. Short and sweet.

Sat September 27, Gotham City – Andy ate dinner with the roller derby girls while I had a drink and the original Nosferatu movie was on the wall. After playing at Hagabio Terje kept telling me I should check out Wall Of Voodoo, and I did, but don’t see the connection at all. Lights flickering far away, I couldn’t sleep a wink.

Wed 28 November, Göteborg - Lights gone in the bathroom, turn table belt is worn out. 78 player is playing too slow.   Was going to send a wave file to Clarence Winter, but the hard drive crashed taking with it countless songs, hundreds of photos and films. And now they linger in that dark corner of the multiverse where all lost and deleted digital information resides. A hell of one’s and zero’s.

I later remixed the song and got it over to Clarence by default invoking the spirit of Speedy West in the process. The king of the pedal steel was Speedy West. During the 40’s and 50’s he played with Tennessee Ernie Ford, Tex Ritter and the mad bad wife murderer Spade Cooney. Speedy played on over 6000 records. I reckon that’s more than Nikki Sudden.


Wednesday 5 December, Göteborg - The Birthday Party ‘Mutiny’ EP was on the stereo. Hadn’t heard it in years. Desolate and haunting, four tracks of feral power. Later on Tift Merrit took to the stage in Pustervik and delivered a great set. I’d been a fan since she dueted with John Howie in The Two Dollar Pistols. Met the lady afterwards and she was sweet as her voice but not as tall as I’d imagined her to be.

Thurs 13 December, Limerick – Got there and set up and met Debra and we played and it got loud and nobody complained and we got the money and nobody robbed the cars and coffees were bought for the drive back east and alcohol was consumed and stories were told and I slept in Finglas and woke up in Finglas and went to the solicitor and then to Horslips in the Olympia and onwards to the County of Kildare and didn’t fall asleep on the bus and thus didn’t miss the stop at Clane.

Sat 15 December, Dublin – Fell asleep on the bus from Clane and ended up in Busaras, but got down to Sin E not too late. Clarence had his band with him tonight and they were great. A rowdy bunch of xmas type party people were in. Amateurs night out big time. It was all a bit messy but I think we enjoyed it.  And Bun and Eamon Kelly were there. The DJ was drunk, but he played Althea and Donna “Uptown Top Ranking.”