Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Post Solstice Weeks

Tuesday 13 January - Goteborg
Went to the ATM in the 7 Eleven in Järntorget. Plastic card with my autograph, secret magic code - got a fistful of bio-survival tickets printed on crisp virgin paper. Enough to cover food , drink and public transport for three days, take an hour or two.

Girl with bright blue hair (almost DayGlo) was setting off fireworks on the lawn while Dylan sings "I'm in love with the Faery Queen...."
Anna Hedblom Svensson sent photos from a gig last summer. We look good - Dick Tators commanding presence on stage. Moonlight through the pines, sleet coming down sideways.

At Sticky Fingures our set was short and sweet ......and fun . Rickards first gig and he did well. Andy keeping it all together with the backbeat.
A few words with Thomas Silver and his missus Wendela afterwards.

Miguel Ferreras Lopez had asked a few months ago would I write a piece about Nikki Sudden for a book he's compiling. So I finally got around to getting it down onto paper first, and then computer. Sent it off to Miguel in Spain and he swiftly replied saying he liked it. Job done.