Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Long Distance Phone Calls

Wed 13 June, Göteborg – Rain comes down in buckets following a few weeks of sunshine and roses and all the girls with long brown legs like Lilith on a Friday night. Hot pants seem to be in fashion this year and whose complaining. Attempted to play some slide guitar using a small drinking glass. Sounds ok. Mixed a track, recorded guitar parts on another, made long distance phone calls to clear up booking confusion and listened to the dark ambient swirl of Aderlating.
Got on the ferry from Jäntorget-the Lilla Bommen, and missed the stop at Lindholmspieren. Had to spend close to an hour stuck at sea before our stop came around again, having docked at Slotts Berget and Eriksberg Farljaläe along the way. They had changed the route due to construction work on one of the piers, hence the confusion. Called down to Staffan the printer to discuss the design and paper to be used on the forthcoming limited edition CD, and mission complete, got off the island this time by bus and bridge.
Lille restaurange, (translation - Little Restaurant)....but its not. Maybe the owner had an inferiority complex when he named it. Or bad eye sight. Neil Youngs "Hey Hey My My" was on stereo. Went home to listen to "Thrasher", track two side one on Rust Never Sleeps. "Hey Hey.." is a song I sometimes play as a crowd pleaser, as I reckon the audience  may not be pleased with my own songs. Such is life. I quit drinking beer, but still drink wine...cant drink too much water with all that fluoride and you gotta drink something. Time for Sangria.
Mixed 2 tracks but after listening to them on an old ghetto blaster they may need a re-mix. Back to the drawing board.
Red flowers appeared on a  tree out back as a Malcolm Holcombe CD spun at 500 r.p.m. I had a DJ gig at Amerikabaren so I packed as many LPs and singles into 3 bags and off we went on the Red Snake (a section of the new motorway). Too early by two minutes we got hit by the toll. The Last Poets and Mikey Dread on the car stereo as we whizz along. Sam & Dave "Hold On Im Comin'" spark a riot in my head. Take the blue tunnel under the river and emerge into the Majorna sunshine.