Monday, 29 April 2013

Mad as a March Hare

Wed 13 March Göteborg -  Found a Timi Yuri LP for 10 Krona (roughly 1 euro)...a good deal for sure. Got an email of an offer to play in Åmål, which nicely slotted in to replace the one cancelled in Kalmar. The bar closed down. Another one in Germany was cancelled because the place burnt down after being hit by fireworks. They paid well too, but there’s no plan to rebuild. Clarence Winter sent on a mix of a song but the pedal steel is too loud. Sat in the Xing-Long Restaurant with a beer and sorted out a few things with the aid of lateral thinking and a smart phone. Later I played a DJ set playing late 60’s early 70’s soul for the Roller Derby Girls.
When I woke up the next day I finally started to get a shape on a song called Dark Blue Twilight. Rhythm section has been recorded but getting the guitars and other instruments sounding good and relevant to the over-all vibe was a bit tricky.


Sat 16 March Åmål – Up through Trollhatan and Öxnered in the blinding sunshine. Patches of snow still lingering on the stone hard soil. Passed through Mellerud. Rusted trains backed down overgrown tracks. Isolated farm houses, the occasional white country mansion.

Tony Berg, photographer, publisher, guitar collector and all ‘round nice guy picked me up at the station. Called down to check the venue, say hello to Frederik. Checked in to Hotel, ate dinner, nodded off, woke up played the gig and so on and so forth.

It snowed a lot over night, so I took a few photos and read a bit of Cees Nootebooms ‘Roads To Santiago’ which made me thing of Andalucia and Girona and sangria and sunshine.

Sat 30 March Göteborg – With Cathrin Linne down at Jontorget early in the morning for a photoshoot with The Last Souls. Freezing cold, we held out for as long as we could. Relocated to a nearby Chinese Restaurant but the guys got word from management that they didn’t want photos taken there, so we headed back towards HQ at Hagabion and had a drink and took more photos in the Old Beefeater Inn. After some filming in Hagabion we called it a day.